Bungie Foundation FAQ

What is the Bungie Foundation?

The Bungie Foundation is our charitable entity. Our mission is to reduce distress and suffering in children through entertainment. At Bungie, we’re grateful that we have the chance to do something we love for the enjoyment of our fans. Our success has provided us with an opportunity to use our knowledge and resources to give back and make the world a better place.

What Organizations and Programs do the Bungie Foundation support?


Since 2001, Bungie has supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation by providing studio tours. Kids get a full rundown of our company’s history as they follow our Community Managers through the place where we make the games they play. Overlooking thousands of content-filled monitors, they get a behind-the-scenes view of our development space, suit up in our Motion Capture studio to reenact scenes from Destiny, get behind a microphone to record actual lines of dialogue, and play unreleased content with our team. Over the past few years, we’ve expanded our support for our local Make-A-Wish chapter to support the purchase of all electronics wishes for Alaska and Washington Wish Kids. These wishes have varied greatly, from fully customized gaming PC’s to a decked-out DJ studio.

iPads for Kids Program

In 2014, we implemented a pilot program at Seattle Children’s Hospital to provide patients with fully customized, age-appropriate entertainment that is vital to creating a positive hospital experience in an otherwise stressful and scary situation. We strive to reach all patients across the spectrum of care, from those coming in for a routine appointment to those experiencing a long or invasive procedure. Our goal is to systematically expand our program to children’s hospitals across the country in order to reach the greatest number of children in need.

And more…

Check out www.bungiefoundation.org for a list of all organizations and programs that the Bungie Foundation supports.

How does my Bungie Store Purchase make a difference?

The dollars raised from your purchase will directly impact the organizations we support and the programs we manage. These funds will help us grant more wishes for Make-A-Wish, pay for additional iPads that we would otherwise be unable to provide, and help us expand our outreach to additional communities around the country.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

Because all of our merchandise is listed at fair market value, no tax receipt will be provided.