"Vermillion" Silk Screened Poster by Sergey Parshakov
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$ 39.99

  • Silk screen printed in seven colors
  • Dimensions: 15" W x 35 1/2" H
  • Paper: 100# Premium uncoated stock

About the Artist:

Hi, this is Seryozha (you can read it if you've read Zhalo in D1).

A void warlock who draws boring, mostly monochrome, pics.

My love for Destiny is based on two things:
- An awesome mix of fantasy and sci-fi.
- Use of Swiss graphic design traditions & attention to in-game branding (Hakke!).

I'm always searching for details which not everyone notices. I can watch at wall texture for tens of minutes, or how light draws shrieker's shape. This inspires me. I'm convinced that observe, analyze & mix of opposite elements to create something new are the keys to an awesome result

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